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Workshop 01
RxJS Basics and


Workshop Lead
Ben Lesh, Technical Lead RxJS

This workshop starts off basic but dives deep, but by the end of the day gets very far into strategies and patterns you can use with RxJS to build applications anywhere JavaScript runs. This is a framework-agnostic class. We will talk about React, Angular, Node and others as we learn the fundamentals and hidden secrets of RxJS, starting with subscriptions, going through multicasting, creating custom operators, testing strategies and more.


The workshop will be run at a pace pursuant to the attendees' abilities, and we'll make sure that everyone gets a lot out of the course whether they're deeply knowledgable or new to RxJS.


Because this is an RxJS conference, please bring your advanced questions and scenarios to discuss at the end of the workshop.

USE CODE "RxJS30" for a 30% discount on workshop places. 

Workshop 02
RxJS Level Up!
Reactive Architecture
and UX Patterns


Workshop Lead - Michael Hladky,
RxJS Expert

This workshop will bring your RxJS skills to the next level!


We will focus on **framework-agnostic** techniques that you can use to improve the UX of your application and learn about the essential parts of reactive architecture.  


Error handling, and retry strategies, as well as combination and flattening scenarios and also topics related to state management are just some of the topics covered in this workshop. 

Bring ALL your code examples bugs and questions and get it fixed in the **open end session** of the workshop!!


We are going to take a deep look into state-management and how RxJS can heavily improve the consistency of state and performance in distribution.  Error handling and retry strategies are covered to ensure a stable architecture and data management.


You will be able to enhance the UX of your application and save requests by understanding all the tricky edge cases of the flattening and combination operators.

Attend this workshop and get trained by a leading expert.


You'll learn:
  • Combining streams

    • overview of combination the operators

    • progressive rendering

    • reduce the number of computations

  • Reactive State-Management

    • State aggregation

    • State selection

    • Architecture Patterns

  • Higher-Order Observables

    • Overview of the different flattening strategies  (merge, concat, exhaust, switch)

    • Usage in the user Interface

    • Usage in business logic or data layer interaction like effects/epic of REDUX

  • Error-Handling

    • In-depth understanding of error handling

    • How to encapsulate error-prone code

    • Comparison of the different retry & repeat mechanisms

USE CODE "RxJS30" for a 30% discount on workshop places. 

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