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Why RxJS Live?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

RxJS has completely changed the way that I think as a developer. This wonderful library taught me how to think reactively. I can truly say that it is the most powerful new technology that I have learned in the last several years as a developer.

As a community organizer I have seen the demand for RxJS talks increase over the years. And in recent months, it seems like a lot of people have recently began to feel the burnout around Redux and are instead turning to RxJS to manage streamable and derivable state in their apps. For these reasons and many more, I felt it was time to have a first-class conference dedicated to educating developers on the latest and greatest techniques and practices around RxjS.  In the coming months we will be announcing several things. First we will announce the date of the conference. Once we have dates settled, we can then announce the venue, the ticket sales date, as well as the CFP (Call for Presenters) dates. Please subscribe for updates on our website. Additionally, please follow our official conference twitter account where most of the announcements will arrive first.  We are definitely looking for help organizing, especially in the Node, React and Vue communities. If anyone is interested in helping organizer RxJS Live, please DM @aaronfrost on twitter and let’s see if we can begin working together to build the greatest RxJS event in the world. 

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