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  • Owen Mecham

RxJS Live Welcomes Tracy Lee!

It's a difficult task to add to a resume that's as impressive as that of Tracy Lee. Tracy is a Google Developer Expert, a Women Techmakers Lead, and on the RxJS Core Team. She is the organizer of This.JavaScript, Modern Web, Contributor Days, Google Developer Group, and RxWorkshop. And on Sept 5th, she'll be able to add presenter at to her list of accomplishments.

Tracy has embraced her leadership role in the tech community and is using her influence to improve other people's lives. Especially in the area of #changetheratio. As a father of four daughters, I am personally grateful for Tracy's passion and drive to make space for brilliant women in the tech industry.

We hope you'll be there to join us to hear Tracy's presentation at RxJS Live! Order your tickets today at!

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