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  • Owen Mecham

Michael Madsen to speak on Reactive Responsive Design at RxJS Live!

Michael Madsen is the Lead Technologist for InMoment. In this position he defines the architecture, best practices, and tooling of large enterprise grade Angular apps. When not developing, researching, or preparing content for talks and courses he likes to be outdoors with his wife and three children.

Michael will present some creative ways to use RxJS with native web functionality to build next evolution of responsive design! From concepts through implementation. In the end you will have a system where you can stop worrying about media queries and focus on reactive page layouts driven by all the goodness of RxJS.

Taking a reactive approach to responsive design provides greater testability, better performance, and is more maintainable for large teams. Come see how to do responsive design with RxJS!

Get your tickets today at

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