• Owen Mecham

Michael Hladky to speak at RxJS.Live in Las Vegas!

We're super excited to announce that Michael Hladky will be travelling from Vienna to Las Vegas to speak at RxJS.Live on Sept. 5th and 6th. His talk, "A Deep Dive into Subjects" promises to answer many common or complex questions about Subjects in RxJS.

Michael is a Google Developer Expert and an active part of the community. As co-founder of the Angular-Austria association, organizer of Angular-Vienna and NestJS-Vienna Meetup he grows the Austrian community. He is a developer, trainer and consultant with the focus on Angular as well as ionic and surrounding technologies, and gives workshops on Angular, RxJs and Typescript.

He regularly speaks at conferences and meetups and enjoys participating in the dev community and OSS.

Don't miss you chance to not only hear Michael speak but to talk to him in person about your own RxJS questions. Get your tickets today at

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