• Owen Mecham

Michael Gerakis to speak at RxJS Live!

Michael is a software engineer at Google where he develops frontend features for the Stackdriver application suite using Angular and RxJS. He contributes to the Typescript readability efforts at Google, providing mentorship, instilling best practices, and enforcing good code health for users of the language. Michael is a Boston native who enjoys, among other things, football (#GoPats), eating sushi, and complaining about Game of Thrones.

One of the most powerful traits of RxJS is the ability to multicast an observable and share its output among multiple subscribers. While this feature can be extremely useful, it can lead to unexpected behavior if not understood. Michael's talk will dive into the different methods of multicasting an observable, and the various nuances that happen following different notification events. After building up this foundation, he will explore how the power of multicasting can be leveraged to create reusable pipes that offer solutions to common business problems, such as caching and refreshing data in the UI. Finally, he will present some specific anti-patterns, explain why they are dangerous, and show how to avoid them.

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