• Owen Mecham

Kapehe is Coming to RxJS Live!

When learning RxJS, the naturally reaction is to compare it to JavaScript Promises. That’s fair. In her talk, Kapehe will be going over the creation and usage differences between promises and observables. Which one is better? Or which one will make the most sense in my project? RxJS observables can be scary to transition over to, but Kapehe will show you the way. Why leave promises behind, you ask? No need. Keep those close. Kapehe will show you some pros and cons of using each and then leave you to make your final opinion.

Kapehe is an R&D Content Engineer for Auth0 with a passion for learning and teaching. With her primary focus on ReactJS and JavaScript, she enjoys writing tutorials, hosting local meetups, and learning with others to expand her coding knowledge.

Get your tickets today so you can see who will triumph in the Battle of House Promises vs. House Observables at!

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