• Owen Mecham

GDE Kim Maida to speak about State Management at RxJS Live!

Kim is a Google Developer Expert, working as the Manager of Community & Technical Content for Auth0. She's passionate about identity, authentication, constant learning, and the developer community. She loves learning from and sharing with other developers. She loves traveling and overlanding with her family in her truck and rooftop tent.

Her talk will take a different spin on state management using RxJS. Apps of all sizes need to manage state. What if we can't afford the code cost and indirection of a Redux-like third party state machine? What if we don't want to decouple our business layer? Let's use RxJS to set up reactive, uncomplicated state management using behavior subjects, observables, and immutability. In this talk, we'll explore scaling up a store with RxJS from extremely simple to more robust, and come away with knowledge that will help us gain a better understanding of reactive state management.

Additionally, she will be presenting a short version of RxWat with Sam Julien!

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