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  • Owen Mecham

Andrew Crites to speak at RxJS.Live!

Andrew has been a software developer for 10 years focusing mostly on full stack and frontend web development. Andrew received his BS in Computer Science from the University of Florida in 2009 shortly after he started working as a software tester. Initially, Andrew focused on the LAMP stack.

Andrew started working at Mobiquity in 2013 where he has since worked mostly with Node.js and building Angular and React applications for retail, financial, and healthcare clients. He has been interested in RxJS and reactive programming since he first started using Angular 2 around 2017. Besides his interests in frontend and reactive programming, Andrew also enjoys writing, teaching, and presenting about software development, reading, cooking, and spending time with his family including his new daughter who was born in February.

As reactive programming using RxJS is becoming more popular, our understanding of how to test applications that use RxJS needs to grow as well. There are many caveats to testing asynchronous and reactive code that developers may not be aware of or may not be sure of the best way to handle. Andrew's talk will explore common reactive testing patterns.

In addition to an introduction to common reactive application testing, his talk will use real-world examples for testing Angular and React components and services that use reactive paradigms. The goal of this talk is to have developers able to walk away with confidence that they will be able to write effective tests for their reactive applications while avoiding pitfalls.

Come learn how to test RxJS by purchasing your tickets at

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