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31 March 2021
Conference Day - Wednesday, March 31
Workshop Days - April 9 and 10

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The Conference

31 March 2021
Conference Day - Wednesday, March 31
Workshop Days - Fri-Sat, April 09 and 10
9am - 6pm Singapore time

RxJS is the most exciting technology in the modern web today! Come and observe the smartest speakers in the RxJS community. For two days we'll combineLatest() patterns and practices for RxJS developers. At this event, you will tap() into each talk and enjoy each Subject. 

Many of the core RxJS team members will be Scheduler'd to speak, along with many influential members from the community. Not only will this be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to improve your understanding of streams, but it will be an unparalleled opportunity to network with these community influencers. 

This is an ideal event for all developers looking to level up their RxJS game. Whether you are new to observables, or are an RxJS OG, this event has opportunities for you to learn and grow your reactive chops. Don't miss the world$.first() all-RxJS conference. 


About RxJS

What is RxJS?

RxJS is the reactive extensions library for JavaScript. It's a library for reactive programming using Observables, to make it easier to compose asynchronous or callback-based code. RxJS 6 is a rewrite of Reactive-Extensions/RxJS with better performance, better modularity, better debuggable call stacks, while staying mostly backwards compatible, with some breaking changes that reduce the API surface.  Version 7 is currently in public beta, but is currently used by Google in production.  To learn more about RxJS, please come to the conference or visit the documentation at rxjs.dev.

learnrxjs.io is also an amazing resource for learning RxJS in preparation for RxJS Live! On Air.






Workshop Days
Conference Day


we will be announcing speakers for Asia soon.  Below are some of the speakers from the London event

Watch RxJS Live! London videos here


Ben Lesh

  • Twitter

RxJS Core Team Technical Lead

Former Angular Team at Google, Previously at Netflix

Gen Ashley

  • Twitter

Founder, TECH(K)NOW
Ambassador, Google Women Techmakers


Jay Phelps

  • Twitter

RxJS Core Team Alum,

Co-Founder, Outsmartly 
Previously at Netflix, Citadel

Nya Garcia Gallardo.jpg

Estefania Garcia Gallardo

  • Twitter

Full Stack Software Developer & Author, Npkill Project


Carlos Caballero

  • Twitter

Associate Professor, Open University Catalonia, holds a Masters in Software Engineering in AI & Phd in Computer Science

jan-niklas worrtmann.jpg

Jan-Niklas Wortmann

  • Twitter

RxJS Core Team Member


Michael Hladky

  • Twitter

Google Developer Expert

Consultant and Trainer


Kapehe Jorgenson

  • Twitter

Developer Relations, Sanity.io
Former R&D Content Engineer, 


Moshe Kolodny

  • Twitter

RxJS Core Team Member
Senior Software Engineer, Bloomberg


Kwinten Pisman

  • Twitter

Google Developer Expert for Angular Co-Founder of Strongbrew


Dominic Elm

  • Twitter

Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies and @Angular
Software Engineer at



Lamis Chebbi

  • Twitter

Senior software Engineer, Angular Enthusiast, Vermeg


Nicholas Jamieson

  • Twitter

RxJS Core Team Member
Front-End Developer at Rexlabs


David Khourshid

  • Twitter

Senior Engineer, Microsoft


Workshop - April 9-10, 2021

RxJS Basics and Beyond
(by Ben Lesh)

This workshop starts off basic but dives deep, but by the end of the day gets very far into strategies and patterns you can use with RxJS to build applications anywhere JavaScript runs


This is a framework-agnostic class. We will talk about React, Angular, Node and others as we learn the fundamentals and hidden secrets of RxJS, starting with subscriptions, going through multicasting, creating custom operators, testing strategies and more.


The workshop will be run at a pace pursuant to the attendees' abilities, and we'll make sure that everyone gets a lot out of the course whether they're deeply knowledgable or new to RxJS.


Because this is an RxJS conference, please bring your advanced questions and scenarios to discuss at the end of the workshop.


Workshop Lead - Ben Lesh

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